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May 2020

ln the event that we are closed for an extended amount of time, here are some ideas for the kids to help continue foster their learning:

Reading- read something each day, either a book in hand or on RAZ kids, and choose a choice board activity from the packet that went home to follow up 

Math- Log on to IXL to practice math skills- especially any money, time, addition or subtraction

Try a Wixie project
- the students have been assigned several projects that go along with the standards they have already been taught. 

Writing- Encourage your child to write about any daily events that occurred, write a letter to a friend or family member, or try some creative writing. Remind them to check for capital letters and punctuation :)

Coding- The kids love it and it promotes critical thinking.

BrainPOP Jr- watch a video and take the quiz or try out the activity.

Other fun projects include writing and illustrating their own book, creating an animal habitat diorama, making a character puppet to go along with a book they are reading, writing comics, making a board game that include rules and directions, or creating an i-movie or video of their daily routine at home.

Save any cool projects your child would be excited to share and we will have a great time presenting them when we return. :) 

For reference: here are the objectives we were working on:

   *Subtraction with/without regrouping
   *Addition with/without regrouping
   *Story Problems
   *Missing Addends
   *Place Value
   *Greater Than/Less Than
   *Adding Mixes coins to $1.50
   *Comparing and Rounding Numbers


    *Living/Non Living Things
    *Life Cycles
    *Food Chains
    *Food Webs


Language Arts

 *Fiction/Nonfiction Comprehension
   *Semantic Clues: Making connections/Predictions
   *Main Idea/Theme
   *Expository Writing: How To and All About
   *Editing for Capitalization and Punctuation

*Don't forget to read each night for 20 min. and mark it on your reading log

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Encore Schedule 1:55 - 2:40

Day 1  
  Day 5
Day 2   
      Day 6   
Day 3
                  Day 7 
Day 4
Day 8

Daily Schedule 

9:05 9:30   Morning Work
9:30   11:15      Language Arts (Reading)
11:15 11:35      Recess
11:35 11:45 Core Extension
11:46 12:16   Lunch
12:16 12:40   Story
12:45 1:55
1:55 2:40   Encore
2:45 2:55   Extra Recess
3:00: 3:45   Social Studies/Science