Happy Monday Students and Parents!!! 

First, we miss seeing your faces in person and talking with you every day, but we LOVE how we get to interact with you day-to-day on our Facebook page! We are planning to keep it going with FUN "days", so if you haven't joined, please consider it. We would love to see everyone participating!!! Here's the link:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1073529806335694/?ref=share

Second, we are attaching learning for each subject for the week(ish) - since this is our first week of assignments, we are unsure about the length of time each will take - our goal is about 2 1/2 hours per day (moving forward, we will be adjusting our assignments to the best of our ability to try to meet the 2 1/2 hours). It is important to reach out to the specific teacher for each subject if you have any questions, otherwise, Mrs. Lint gets all of the emails and she has to forward them to us. Please, do not "REPLY" to this email. Click on the email at the end of each individual subject to reach the appropriate teacher.

Third, next week is Spring Break!! We will NOT be providing learning suggestions for next week. We will continue to have our FUN "days" on Facebook, but no academic content will provided.

Finally, we hope you are all staying HEALTHY!!! We think about you guys every day and we wish we could be together, but for now, please stay home... wash your hands... and be safe!!! ??

Reading – Last week I sent out LOTS of IXL that relates to our reading curriculum.  Continue to work your way through these strands.  I’d say 1-3 strands per week, whatever you think you can handle.  In addition to the IXL, please continue to read and write about it.  I have enjoyed reading your reading responses and keeping up with all the great stuff you are reading!  I love it!  Remember—keeping up with your reading and writing will only help to prepare you for success in sixth grade. 

Math - Please refer to the Math work week March 30" attachment. I will be checking on your IXL progress, but let me know if you are having trouble. My email: ruotolkf@pwcs.edu

Science - Please refer to the "Science Week 1" attachment. If you have any trouble please email : rhodeshe@pwcs.edu

Writing - In writing, we are reviewing the "Parts of Speech" by watching a video and creating a PowerPoint or a poster (YOUR CHOICE). The links for the video and specific assignment instructions are in Teams. Remember to get to TEAMS, go to Office 365, then click on TEAMS at the top, find the one with the colorful wheel and that's where you'll find the details for Writing and Social Studies assignments. In addition, there's a BrainPOP assignment for prefixes and suffixes. Review the assignments, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me about WRITING or SOCIAL STUDIES at rosssl@pwcs.edu.

Social Studies - We are continuing to learn about the southwest region of the United States. I know that some of you have already completed the assignment for the "Cactus Hotel" on Teams. However, MOST of you have not, so this is our Social Studies assignment for this week. Please go to TEAMS and click on the "Cactus Hotel" assignment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me about WRITING or SOCIAL STUDIES at rosssl@pwcs.edu. 

Encore and Specialists - Lessons are on their webpages for your convenience.