In writing, we are reflecting on our academic and personal lives from 2019 as well as planning for academic success and personal accomplishments in 2020. In addition, we are creatively using our words and BrainPOP technology to make a movie and a map explaining the order of operations. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Ross at 

In social studies, we are learning about the geography of the midwest as well as the early history of the midwest. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Ross at 

In reading we have started character traits.  This will last for most of January.  Like most of what we do in reading, you can discuss character traits with your child using just about anything.  While watching TV, you can ask your child to describe a character using one adjective.  In fifth grade, it is more than just identifying the adjective in a sentence.  For example, Sally is helpful.  The character trait is helpful.  It won’t be that easy.  It would be more like, Sally stays after school every day and helps me clean up my classroom.  What is a character trait that could describe Sally?  Helpful.  More importantly though, in fifth grade, the kids need to be able identify how a character in a passage changes over time.  Maybe she starts the story greedy, but ends the story being generous or more appreciative.  What caused that change?  Just saying we are studying character traits sounds easy, but it really requires a deeper thinking and understanding of the character in fifth grade.  Any discussion you can incorporate this into at home will be appreciated!  Next up—figurative language.  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Lint at 

Science: We are now in SOL 5.2 Sound energy. We had sound stations last week where we had hands on experiences with vibrating matter. This week we have focused on wave energy going through different types of matter. We made homemade kazoos demonstrating pitch. We will continue exploring how sound energy travels throughout the next few weeks. We will also be transitioning to 5th grade THUNKS in a week in preparation for our upcoming SOL. Look for a note explaining a famous African American inventor or scientist project the students will be completing in February. 

 In math we are working on fraction computation--adding and subtracting mixed numbers (with and without regrouping) and multiplying whole numbers and fractions. Our test on this unit will be the week of January 28. Study guides will be handed out next week and I will post the study guide to my web page when I hand them out in class. The retake for the Data test is this Friday. Students know that the corrected test with the retake form are due to me Thursday, January 16. As always, any D and F papers can be corrected at home to receive a higher grade.  (Up to a C.) Corrected papers are due the Tuesday after they are received in the Friday Folder. If you have math questions please email