Curriculum Update:

Math:  In math we are planning to take our decimal computation unit test Wednesday, February 26. Study guides for this test will be handed out this week and will be gone over with the class the day before the test. Our next unit will be geometry. We're ready to break up some of the computation units and change it up a little. Many of the prefixes from language arts will be very helpful as we identify polygons! Please continue to review and correct the math assignments from the Friday Folders. Any questions? Please contact Ms. Ruotolo at


Reading:  We are currently in the middle of Figurative Language.  We are having so much fun listening to music and realizing that Figurative Language is everywhere!  Following is a link to the all the songs we have listened to that go with our notes on Figurative Language:  


figurative language notes - YouTube

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Ask your child to start bringing home his/her reading notebook.  It is time to start studying for the Reading SOL!  It is only about TWO MONTHS away!  Please start studying a little bit each night instead of cramming at the end.  You will be glad you did!  Any questions? Please contact Mrs. Lint at


Science: In science we are busy with our 5.6 Unit on Oceanography. We are learning parts of the ocean floor, zones of the ocean, ocean  movements, ecology and human impact. The Bottle Biography project was OUTSTANDING! The kids learned so much. The bottles are on display in the front hall. If you have a minute or two- stop by the building to look at them. I appreciate all of the hard work of the students as well as your support. We will be presenting the bottles to the whole school this Friday during the assemblies.



Writing: We are continuing to work with prefixes, suffixes, and roots across different modalities. This week we will extend our focus to prefixes associated with numbers (some of these are review and some are new: bi-, centi-, dec-, deci-, hexa-, milli, mono-, multi-, penta-, poly-, quad-, quint-, tri, uni-). Students will be working in class to create a multimedia presentation with these prefixes. In addition, we will continue to practice with "guide words" and putting words in alphabetical order. Students also applied their knowledge of figurative language by using two different types of figurative language in a 100 word, 100th day descriptive writing challenge. We will continue working with figurative language in writing so that their application of figurative language is as strong as their identification of this objective. Writing questions? Please contact Mrs. Ross at


Social Studies: In social studies we wrapped up the midwest region by creating an acrostic poem utilizing facts learned about a selected midwest  state.  Next we begin learning about the southwest region of the US. Social Studies questions? Please contact Mrs. Ross at