Parents, there is important information to follow concerning possible school closures as well as curriculum updates.  PLEASE READ.


  • We are NOT sending Friday Folders home today due to the high number of absences.


In an effort to support literacy in case of an extended break, MVES library and the fifth grade team has allowed students to check out AS MANY BOOKS AS THEY WANTED.  No limit.  PLEASE help us keep track of these books to ensure ALL BOOKS get returned to the school.  There will be a lot of stuff coming home today.  Help SAVE THE BOOKS!  😊


If your child is here today, we ARE sending home their laptops.  We have explained to the students throughout the week that we are unsure of what to expect with school closures. If school closes, we WOULD LIKE for the kids to continue learning.  We asked them to check e-mail to be looking for remote/digital assignments.  Many were concerned with not having computers at home (or not being allowed to use parents’ computers).  So, laptops are coming home.  Please remember—these are property of PWCS and are to be used for SCHOOL USE only, even at home.  Please also be aware that they do have the Internet (which we will be spot checking usage history upon return) and a working camera.  We ask that you be aware and monitor your child’s usage.  If your child is absent, you are welcome (and encouraged) to stop by MVES and sign out your child’s device.  We are encouraging all families to continue learning while at home if there is an extended break.  To the best of our knowledge, even if we are out for an extended period, our SOL dates will not change.  They are as follows:


Reading SOL Day 1: April 29

Reading SOL Day 2: April 30

Science SOL (cover 4th & 5th grade): May 11

Math SOL Day 1: May 13

Math SOL Day 2: May 14



In math we have started out geometry unit. SOL practice packets were handed out to students yesterday. These are EXTRA CREDIT and due April 3.  For those that didn't get the packet, I will scan it and have it on my school web page under Files and Documents. In the event of a long break from school, students could work on IXL. Suggested skills would be 5th grade AA6, AA8 and 6th grade CC2. For those that missed yesterday, we watched a Maths Mansion on Youtube. It was Angleman which explains how to measure angles. Students could also watch the Maths Mansion Triangle Delight for a preview of what we will do next. 


In science, the assessment planned for 3/17 on SOL 5.6 Oceans will be held the next day we have students. As of this writing, that should be Wednesday, March 18. If that day is taken from us, we will have the test the first day we are back. Students have had their study guide since early this week. It is also located on SOLPASS.ORG under Grade 4/5 Science, SOL 5.6 Oceans and on the bottom of that screen on the left is a copy of all the standards covered in this unit. The password for that website is SOL and it is a WONDERFUL resource for all things science. If we have an extended absence, I will be sending daily updates to new playlists on Legends of Learning. If any student is locked out at home ( they should all know how to get in easily) please make sure you email me and I can help from my end. 

In reading, we are working on poetry.  It is very important that in addition to knowing the difference between rhyming (rhyme scheme) and free verse, that they be able to interpret/analyze poetry.  This is a tough skill.  Poetry is very figurative, not literal.  Just ask your kid about the “ship” poem.  PLEASE have your child study his/her Reading Notebook a little bit every night.  Don’t wait until the week before the Reading SOL.  It’s too much information.  That’s why we have a Reading Notebook, to use as a study guide for the SOL.  If it’s in the notebook, it’s on the SOL.   This is whether school is closed, or not.  If school is closed for an extended period, I will be putting assignments in TEAMS.  I’ve already told kids this.  Reading Responses will continue to be due weekly.  There may be additional IXL due and maybe some BrainPOP Videos to watch.  I will send e-mails out if I assign anything other than Reading Response.  However, those are both great ways to study!  You don’t have to wait for me to make a formal assignment.  Just have your kid do a little of that every night.  It’s a great habit to get into. 


In writing and social studies, students were assigned a story in Social Studies today, "Cactus Hotel.”  There are several objectives being covered with this assignment. The specifics for the assignment will be posted on "Teams." All students know how to access Teams. A link to the story is also there for any students who were absent. In the event of a prolonged absence, I will periodically post assignments that will be supportive of our entire fifth grade curriculum.