HI Everyone!

I miss you!  I hope you are staying properly distanced from the real word and healthy!  :)  My family and I have been playing lots of basketball in our driveway, going for very long walks and bike rides, hiking, and watching lots of GREAT old movies!  Don't tell anyone, but I let my kids have the week off: no school work, no schedule, just playing outside while we could.  We'll get back to work this week.  :) 

If you submitted a PLOT Reading Response PowerPoint I read all of those tonight and sent you feedback in TEAMS.  They were AWESOME!  Thank you SO MUCH for doing optional work!  I am so proud of you all that turned that one in.

I also assigned a new Reading Response due March 27.  As with everything going forward, this is OPTIONAL.  However, please remember reading is a life skill, not just something we do for a grade or an SOL.  I am SO PROUD of all the progress you all have made so far this school year.  It's amazing, actually.  Looking at my data sheet makes me smile.  :) So, while not required, I would love for you to continue reading this year and telling me about it with a reading response.  As long as you submit them, I will read them and respond to you in TEAMS.  So, I will continue to upload the assignment weekly and ope to hear from you.

Those of you reading StarGirl for book club, I discovered it in Disney+ this week. I didn't know that book was made into a movie.   I watched it with my family so I could tell you all about it.  It was very interesting!  Check it out!

I miss you all so much!    Keep reading!

Mrs. Lint