Mountain View Library has the Virginia Reader's Choice books available to 3rd through 5th grade. They are an excellent selection of titles offered at four different levels: primary, elementary, middle and high school. The Virginia State Reading Association chooses ten titles for each category. The students at Mountain View are asked to sign up for the program, and asked to read at least five of the titles. If they complete that task, by April they are able to vote on their favorite book. The votes are collected from all over Virginia and a winner is announced.
MVES offers the first three levels: primary, elementary and middle.
3rd and 4th grades will be able to choose from primary and elementary
5th grade will choose from the elementary and middle level books.
The complete list is available at VSRA

**5th grade parents, please be aware that the middle school level books can be more mature in content. They do require a permission slip I hope that you have a chance to speak with your child about them as they are read.