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Week of June 8

In keeping with our end of year tradition, this week we have a fun activity.  Let's make SLIME!   Here is a link to a Youtube video that shows a very easy way to make the best slime ever.  
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Have fun!


Hello Students!
I hope you are having a safe, relaxing time at home with your families.  I miss your smiles and enthusiasm!  While we are apart, I want you to continue learning with the computer programs that you have already worked with in my classroom. 

To my kindergarten, first, and second graders, please access your Kids A-Z account through the Clever link that I have included above.  My teacher username is jgrace10.  If you don't remember your password icon, have a parent email me.   Listen to your books, read them, and then re-read them to parents, brothers, sisters or even PETS.   If you don't have a dog like Fergus or Mindy (or Finn and Phoebe), read to a stuffed animal!  The important thing is that you read and practice sounding out words.  I also want you to spend time on the Reading Bear website.   I've included the link on my webpage.  Start with the short vowel sounds and keep going. . . There are over 50 lessons to teach you new combinations of letters and the sounds that they make within words.   Each lesson will help you build your reading muscles.  I can't wait to read with each of you when we see each other again.  I will be so excited to see your progress!   

To my third, fourth, and fifth graders,  I will be working with your classroom teachers to decide how best to support you during this time away from school.  In the meantime, keep reading!  Many of you already have accounts on Reading A to Z.  If you don't have one and would like one, please have a parent email me and I will set one up for you.   Remember that the public library has lots of e-books that can be downloaded to a computer or tablet!   

Welcome to ESOL!  I work with our Mountain View students who are fortunate enough to have exposure to more than one language.  Along with your child's classroom teacher, I will make every effort to ensure that the grade level curriculum is meaningful and comprehensible to our English language learners.  I am excited to be a part of your child's educational team!

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