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If school is closed for an extended period of time, below are some reminders and suggestions of how to continue  learning at home.

Log onto Clever to gain access to IXL, Raz Kids, Coding and more!  Your child is familiar with all activities.  

Below are the  kindergarten and first grade PWCS pacing guides for each subject:

Reading: read daily, either a book from home or log onto Raz Kids, read the book and take the quiz

Math- Log on to IXL to practice math skills- especially money, time, addition or subtraction.

Writing- Encourage your child to write about something, write a letter to a friend or family member, or try some creative writing. Remind them to check for capital letters and punctuation.

Coding- The kids love it and it promotes critical thinking.

BrainPOP Jr- watch a video and take the quiz or try out the activity.

Other fun projects include creating an i-movie or video of their daily routine at home.

Save any cool projects your child would be excited to share and we will have a great time presenting them when we return. :) 

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Encore Schedule 1:05 - 1:50

Please reference the monthly ENCORE calendar.

Daily Schedule 

9:00 9:15   Unpack
9:15   9:30      Morning work
9:30 11:25      Language Arts
11:26 11:56 Lunch
12:00 12:30   Recess split time
12:35 12:45    Calendar
12:45 1:05   S.S/Science
1:05 1:50   Encore
1:50 2:15   S.S/Science &Snack
2:15 2:35   Recess
 2:40  3:40    Math