5th Grade

We are very excited to be a COMPLETE, COLLABORATIVE team which means you will see each of us during the day.

Mrs. Ross - Language Arts and Social Studies
Ms. Ruotolo - Math
Mrs. Rhodes - Science
Mrs. Lint - Language Arts

Reminder to 5th graders and parents of  Bull Run Middle School RISING 6TH GRADERS
 Q & A: Thursday, May 14th @ 8:30am virtually

May 5
Message from Bull Run:

Right now we are relying on fifth grade recommendations for placement into advanced language arts or math classes. Parents will receive their child’s courses in the mail mid to late May. At that time, if you disagree with your child’s placement you should contact his or her grade level counselor. (Ms. Staines will be the 6th grade counselor).
April 20

Attached please our find our Options Board for the week of April 20. (See in Files and Documents!)

See everyone Wednesday ready to LEARN for our science lab!  No better way to learn than being hands-on and having fun!  The Zoom invitation will be sent later in the week.  

Don't forget!  Book Club for Wish Is Friday. The only way to get better at reading is to read and discuss it!  That Zoom link will be sent out Thursday afternoon.     

Have a great week!     

April 14

Hello Mountian View Fifth Grade Students and Parents!!!

We hope this email finds you and your family in good health and in good spirits! We, your fifth grade teachers are all doing well! We have Zoomed and talked with our friends and families, taken long walks, cooked, cleaned, read books, watched movies, completed puzzles, and much more. We are definitely keeping busy! We are ready to get started again this week with academic lessons and we hope you are too!! 

We have missed seeing you all on our MVES 5th grade Facebook page, however it was Spring Break! This weeks focus will be SPRING BREAK! First up, post a picture of something you did this Spring Break. We can't wait to reconnect! ??

Mountain View is trying something new this week! We are using a form to communicate the lessons for the week. Please click on the link below to see the lessons for this week. We will be holding "office hours" where we will be available to answer your questions and/or share some good news!! Our "office hours" will be via EMAIL weekly on Tuesdays from 9:00 -10:00 am. Please note, we will be be answering questions at other times too but we might only be checking email in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Mrs. Rhodes is planning weekly Wednesday Science Labs (beginning next week on 4/22) via ZOOM from 10:00-10:45. Mrs. Lint is also planning weekly Friday Book Clubs (beginning 4/24) via ZOOM from 10:00-10:30.

Curriculum Update:
Reading - This week for reading we are sticking with what we have been doing.  1. Choose 2-3 strands from 5th Grade LA IXL to complete.  I have gone in and highlighted strands I would like you to work on, so you don't have to keep going back and looking for the e-mail. 2.  As always, I love reading your letter about what you are reading!  So, keep those reading responses coming!  They are due every Friday.  I have them assigned in TEAMS through May 1. 
Something new!  Zoom book clubs!  Every Friday at 10:00 I will be hosting a book club via Zoom.  I will post a schedule of books we will be discussing.  If you have read that (whole) book and would like to participate, log in to the meeting (invite will be a-mailed to everyone the Thursday before) and be prepared to discuss!  Come ready to talk about the characters, the plot (rising action, climax, falling action), conflict, resolution, theme, any questions you have, favorite parts, meh parts--all those things we have been discussing all year!  I can't wait!  I chose the books based on Reading Responses (books that I have read many responses on).  The following is the schedule so you can start reading if you want to join, but haven't read the book yet:
April 24--Wish
May 1--Star Girl  
May 8--The Girl Who Drank the Moon
May 15--The One and Only Ivan
May 22--Crenshaw
May 29---Artemis Fowl
June 5--Book recommendations for great summer reads.  Log in and tell us what books you LOVE that everyone else should consider for the summer.  Bring paper and pencil to write down all the great books you hear about!
Keep reading!  For questions please e-mail Mrs. Lint at lintnw@pwcs.edu
Math - Please check the gradebook. If you have missing assignments (NHI) and you have them in your folders that you took home, please complete the assignment, take a picture of it and email it to me. You have until April 24 to get it in. Also, the extra credit packets can still be completed and turned in--again by April 24. Refer to the previous email on how to send it to me.  
April is MATH MONTH. I have posted a math calendar folder on my web page (under files and documents). Choose your calendar to have something fun each day to do in math ?? 
The choice 2 link on our 5th grade SchoolHouse includes the answer key. Try to do it without just looking up the answers!  Any questions: Ruotolkf@pwcs.edu
Science -  Next week, our lab will be held on Wednesday, April 22 at 10 am which is Earth day. We will need to following materials for our Earth Day themed lab: 
  • green crayons(  1 or 2 old used ones please)
  • blue crayons ( 1 or 2 old used ones please)
  • scissors or knife( not sharp)
  • muffin tin
  • vegetable oil spray
  • toothpick
  • hot pad
  • notebook or white paper
We will using an oven heated to 275 degrees. Please either have an adult close by or gain permission to put something into the oven and back out. I will send you a separate email Tuesday with the zoom link. Excited to see you all again! Any questions please email rhodeshe@pwcs.edu
Writing and Social Studies - This weeks lessons are detailed on Teams. Your first choice is to watch a Discovery Education video on the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, then, create either a one page PowerPoint flyer or a paper flyer about on of the Mid-Atlantic states. The second choice is to complete a journal entry about your Spring Break (be sure to include pictures)!!! If you have any questions, please email rosssl@pwcs.edu
We hope you have a wonderful week!
March 30

Happy Monday Students and Parents!!! 

First, we miss seeing your faces in person and talking with you every day, but we LOVE how we get to interact with you day-to-day on our Facebook page! We are planning to keep it going with FUN "days", so if you haven't joined, please consider it. We would love to see everyone participating!!! Here's the link:   

Second, we are attaching learning for each subject for the week(ish) - since this is our first week of assignments, we are unsure about the length of time each will take - our goal is about 2 1/2 hours per day (moving forward, we will be adjusting our assignments to the best of our ability to try to meet the 2 1/2 hours). It is important to reach out to the specific teacher for each subject if you have any questions, otherwise, Mrs. Lint gets all of the emails and she has to forward them to us. Please, do not "REPLY" to this email. Click on the email at the end of each individual subject to reach the appropriate teacher.

Third, next week is Spring Break!! We will NOT be providing learning suggestions for next week. We will continue to have our FUN "days" on Facebook, but no academic content will provided.

Finally, we hope you are all staying HEALTHY!!! We think about you guys every day and we wish we could be together, but for now, please stay home... wash your hands... and be safe!!! ??

Reading – Last week I sent out LOTS of IXL that relates to our reading curriculum.  Continue to work your way through these strands.  I’d say 1-3 strands per week, whatever you think you can handle.  In addition to the IXL, please continue to read and write about it.  I have enjoyed reading your reading responses and keeping up with all the great stuff you are reading!  I love it!  Remember—keeping up with your reading and writing will only help to prepare you for success in sixth grade. 

Math - Please refer to the Math work week March 30" attachment. (Under files and documents) I will be checking on your IXL progress, but let me know if you are having trouble. My email: ruotolkf@pwcs.edu

Science - Please refer to the "Science Week 1" attachment. If you have any trouble please email : rhodeshe@pwcs.edu

Writing - In writing, we are reviewing the "Parts of Speech" by watching a video and creating a PowerPoint or a poster (YOUR CHOICE). The links for the video and specific assignment instructions are in Teams. Remember to get to TEAMS, go to Office 365, then click on TEAMS at the top, find the one with the colorful wheel and that's where you'll find the details for Writing and Social Studies assignments. In addition, there's a BrainPOP assignment for prefixes and suffixes. Review the assignments, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me about WRITING or SOCIAL STUDIES at rosssl@pwcs.edu.

Social Studies - We are continuing to learn about the southwest region of the United States. I know that some of you have already completed the assignment for the "Cactus Hotel" on Teams. However, MOST of you have not, so this is our Social Studies assignment for this week. Please go to TEAMS and click on the "Cactus Hotel" assignment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me about WRITING or SOCIAL STUDIES at rosssl@pwcs.edu. 

Encore and Specialists - Lessons are on their webpages for your convenience.



We can't wait to see your AMAZING work this week!!! ?? 

Have a great week!!! 

The 5th Grade Team

Students and Parents - Per PWCS, no assignments will be made until after March 27th. MOST assignments following that date will come to you via email notification and/or "Teams" assignments (students know how to access "Teams" through Office 365.) If assignments are made for IXL or SeeSaw or BrainPOP, etc. - as a REMINDER - you must also access these programs through Office 365 so that we can accurately track your work. Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions you may have. 

You can access Office 365 by going to the Mountain View home page and clicking on "Students" - look for Office 365. From there... you know what to do!! :)

Since we are getting back past the original due date (April 3)  the MATH SOL practice packet (
extra credit)  is now due the day we get back.  For those that did not get a hard copy, or left their copy at school, there is a copy that can be found on this page, under files and documents. 
Please stay safe!!!

Parents, there is important information to follow concerning possible school closures as well as curriculum updates.  PLEASE READ.

  • We are NOT sending Friday Folders home today due to the high number of absences.

In an effort to support literacy in case of an extended break, MVES library and the fifth grade team have allowed students to check out AS MANY BOOKS AS THEY WANTED.  No limit.  PLEASE help us keep track of these books to ensure ALL BOOKS get returned to the school.  There will be a lot of stuff coming home today.  Help SAVE THE BOOKS!  

If your child is here today, we ARE sending home their laptops.  We have explained to the students throughout the week that we are unsure of what to expect with school closures. If school closes, we WOULD LIKE for the kids to continue learning.  We asked them to check e-mail to be looking for remote/digital assignments.  Many were concerned with not having computers at home (or not being allowed to use parents’ computers).  So, laptops are coming home.  Please remember—these are property of PWCS and are to be used for SCHOOL USE only, even at home.  Please also be aware that they do have the Internet (which we will be spot checking usage history upon return) and a working camera.  We ask that you be aware and monitor your child’s usage.  If your child is absent, you are welcome (and encouraged) to stop by MVES and sign out your child’s device.  We are encouraging all families to continue learning while at home if there is an extended break.  To the best of our knowledge, even if we are out for an extended period, our SOL dates will not change.  They are as follows:


Reading SOL Day 1: April 29

Reading SOL Day 2: April 30

Science SOL (cover 4th & 5th grade): May 11

Math SOL Day 1: May 13

Math SOL Day 2: May 14

In math we have started our geometry unit. SOL practice packets were handed out to students yesterday. These are EXTRA CREDIT and due April 3.  For those that didn't get the packet, I will scan it and have it on my school web page under Files and Documents. In the event of a long break from school, students could work on IXL. Suggested skills would be 5th grade AA6, AA8 and 6th grade CC2. For those that missed yesterday, we watched a Maths Mansion on Youtube. It was Angleman which explains how to measure angles. Students could also watch the Maths Mansion Triangle Delight for a preview of what we will do next. 

In science, the assessment planned for 3/17 on SOL 5.6 Oceans will be held the next day we have students. As of this writing, that should be Wednesday, March 18. If that day is taken from us, we will have the test the first day we are back. Students have had their study guide since early this week. It is also located on SOLPASS.ORG under Grade 4/5 Science, SOL 5.6 Oceans and on the bottom of that screen on the left is a copy of all the standards covered in this unit. The password for that website is SOL and it is a WONDERFUL resource for all things science. If we have an extended absence, I will be sending daily updates to new playlists on Legends of Learning. If any student is locked out at home ( they should all know how to get in easily) please make sure you email me and I can help from my end. 

In reading, we are working on poetry.  It is very important that in addition to knowing the difference between rhyming (rhyme scheme) and free verse, that they be able to interpret/analyze poetry.  This is a tough skill.  Poetry is very figurative, not literal.  Just ask your kid about the “ship” poem.  PLEASE have your child study his/her Reading Notebook a little bit every night.  Don’t wait until the week before the Reading SOL.  It’s too much information.  That’s why we have a Reading Notebook, to use as a study guide for the SOL.  If it’s in the notebook, it’s on the SOL.   This is whether school is closed, or not.  If school is closed for an extended period, I will be putting assignments in TEAMS.  I’ve already told kids this.  Reading Responses will continue to be due weekly.  There may be additional IXL due and maybe some BrainPOP Videos to watch.  I will send e-mails out if I assign anything other than Reading Response.  However, those are both great ways to study!  You don’t have to wait for me to make a formal assignment.  Just have your kid do a little of that every night.  It’s a great habit to get into. 

In writing and social studies, students were assigned a story in Social Studies today, "Cactus Hotel.”  There are several objectives being covered with this assignment. The specifics for the assignment will be posted on "Teams." All students know how to access Teams. A link to the story is also there for any students who were absent. In the event of a prolonged absence, I will periodically post assignments that will be supportive of our entire fifth grade curriculum.


Hello Parents!

First, we would like to extend a HEARTY THANK YOU for all the wonderful animal donations from Valentine’s Day. The local shelter is thrilled with EVERYTHING!!! Next, this Friday we will have a special student assembly celebrating Black History Month (10:30-11:15am), families are invited to attend. In addition, we will be celebrating Read Across American Spirit week during the first week of March - see the flyer below for specifics!

Supplies are running low... please check with your son or daughter regarding their school supplies. Some students have run out of pencils, glue, coloring supplies, and more!! It is a good time of year to replenish!

Curriculum Update:

Math:  In math we are planning to take our decimal computation unit test Wednesday, February 26. Study guides for this test will be handed out this week and will be gone over with the class the day before the test. Our next unit will be geometry. We're ready to break up some of the computation units and change it up a little. Many of the prefixes from language arts will be very helpful as we identify polygons! Please continue to review and correct the math assignments from the Friday Folders. Any questions? Please contact Ms. Ruotolo at ruotolkf@pwcs.edu

Reading:  We are currently in the middle of Figurative Language.  We are having so much fun listening to music and realizing that Figurative Language is everywhere!  Following is a link to the all the songs we have listened to that go with our notes on Figurative Language:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiusaWG1i-0mZ0Hy3CsnK8vJPYHfpLpuG  



figurative language notes - YouTube

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Ask your child to start bringing home his/her reading notebook.  It is time to start studying for the Reading SOL!  It is only about TWO MONTHS away!  Please start studying a little bit each night instead of cramming at the end.  You will be glad you did!  Any questions? Please contact Mrs. Lint at lintnw@pwcs.edu

Science: In science we are busy with our 5.6 Unit on Oceanography. We are learning parts of the ocean floor, zones of the ocean, ocean  movements, ecology and human impact. The Bottle Biography project was OUTSTANDING! The kids learned so much. The bottles are on display in the front hall. If you have a minute or two- stop by the building to look at them. I appreciate all of the hard work of the students as well as your support. We will be presenting the bottles to the whole school this Friday during the assemblies.

Writing: We are continuing to work with prefixes, suffixes, and roots across different modalities. This week we will extend our focus to prefixes associated with numbers (some of these are review and some are new: bi-, centi-, dec-, deci-, hexa-, milli, mono-, multi-, penta-, poly-, quad-, quint-, tri, uni-). Students will be working in class to create a multimedia presentation with these prefixes. In addition, we will continue to practice with "guide words" and putting words in alphabetical order. Students also applied their knowledge of figurative language by using two different types of figurative language in a 100 word, 100th day descriptive writing challenge. We will continue working with figurative language in writing so that their application of figurative language is as strong as their identification of this objective. Writing questions? Please contact Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu.

Social Studies: In social studies we wrapped up the midwest region by creating an acrostic poem utilizing facts learned about a selected midwest  state.  Next we begin learning about the southwest region of the US. Social Studies questions? Please contact Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu.


The Fifth Grade Team


In writing, we are reflecting on our academic and personal lives from 2019 as well as planning for academic success and personal accomplishments in 2020. In addition, we are creatively using our words and BrainPOP technology to make a movie and a map explaining the order of operations. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu. 

In social studies, we are learning about the geography of the midwest as well as the early history of the midwest. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu. 

In reading we have started character traits.  This will last for most of January.  Like most of what we do in reading, you can discuss character traits with your child using just about anything.  While watching TV, you can ask your child to describe a character using one adjective.  In fifth grade, it is more than just identifying the adjective in a sentence.  For example, Sally is helpful.  The character trait is helpful.  It won’t be that easy.  It would be more like, Sally stays after school every day and helps me clean up my classroom.  What is a character trait that could describe Sally?  Helpful.  More importantly though, in fifth grade, the kids need to be able identify how a character in a passage changes over time.  Maybe she starts the story greedy, but ends the story being generous or more appreciative.  What caused that change?  Just saying we are studying character traits sounds easy, but it really requires a deeper thinking and understanding of the character in fifth grade.  Any discussion you can incorporate this into at home will be appreciated!  Next up—figurative language.  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Lint at lintnw@pwcs.edu. 

Science: We are now in SOL 5.2 Sound energy. We had sound stations last week where we had hands on experiences with vibrating matter. This week we have focused on wave energy going through different types of matter. We made homemade kazoos demonstrating pitch. We will continue exploring how sound energy travels throughout the next few weeks. We will also be transitioning to 5th grade THUNKS in a week in preparation for our upcoming SOL. Look for a note explaining a famous African American inventor or scientist project the students will be completing in February. 

 In math we are working on fraction computation--adding and subtracting mixed numbers (with and without regrouping) and multiplying whole numbers and fractions. Our test on this unit will be the week of January 28. Study guides will be handed out next week and I will post the study guide to my web page when I hand them out in class. The retake for the Data test is this Friday. Students know that the corrected test with the retake form are due to me Thursday, January 16. As always, any D and F papers can be corrected at home to receive a higher grade.  (Up to a C.) Corrected papers are due the Tuesday after they are received in the Friday Folder. If you have math questions please email ruotolkf@pwcs.edu. 


In math we are finishing our fraction/decimal unit and the test is Wednesday, December 4. We will begin our Data unit (my favorite!) and have the test before the holiday break--looking at December 19--provided that the weather cooperates. I always put the study guide for the unit tests on my web page under "Files and Documents".  IXL and correcting Friday Folder papers are always good resources for any extra practice. Any questions?? Please email me at ruotolkf@pwcs.edu 

In writing we are just beginning to learn about persuasive writing and character traits. We will be writing a very creative persuasive essay this month utilizing character traits. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu.

In social studies we are learning about the southeast. Students completed a booklet featuring a person of their choice from the southeast. We will be heading to the midwest soon! If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu.

In reading we have moved on to nonfiction text structures: cause/effect, problem/solution, order & sequence, description, and compare/ contrast.  This is generally how authors organize their nonfiction writing.  Understanding these patterns makes nonfiction a little easier to understand.  We are finishing up taking notes on all these structures and we will then begin practicing identifying the structures in written passages.  Although not directly stated, it is always a good idea to have your child bring home his/her reading notebooks occasionally to study what we put in them.  The notebook will serve as a study guide for the Reading SOL.  After Winter break, we will be starting character traits (Mrs. Ross has already started this).  This is something that’s easy to review in every day life with your child.  Just ask your child to describe to you how he/she sees other people acting using adjectives. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lint at lintnw@pwcs.edu.

In science we are working on SOl 5.3 Light Energy. We have discussed the parts of a transverse wave, learned about the visible light spectrum, done work with opaque, translucent and transparent materials and even did a color chromatography lab separating black water soluble markers into the different colors that compose it. I am planning to give the light unit test on December 13th. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Rhodes at rhodeshe@pwcs.edu

Operation Turkey will run from now until November 22nd. Please consider donating canned or boxed goods or a grocery store gift card. The donations will go to the Haymarket Food Pantry.  There are PRIZES for the classes that bring in the MOST cans!!! The prizes are sponsored by our AMAZING PTO!!!

  • The TOP TWO classes will earn a FUN SPIRIT STICK
  • The top class in EACH grade level will go into a drawing for a PIZZA PARTY
  • All classes that bring in 100 cans get FREE POPCORN in December
  • All classes that raised $850 for the Read-a-thon will receive EXTRA CANS FROM THE MOUNTAIN VIEW COUGAR!!!

We cannot believe it is the end of the first quarter. We have been discussing this with students to be sure that they have all of their work completed for the quarter!  Don't forget, no school Monday and Tuesday for students. If you have not signed up for a conference, please do so as soon as possible using the following link. We look forward to meeting with you then.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080c4da8a922a31-fifth


CANS!!! Operation Turkey has begun!!! We are giving 1 ticket per can!!!! Help out the Haymarket Food Pantry by bringing in any canned or boxed goods soon. The program runs from now until November 22nd.



Reading-In Reading we have just finished up with plot.  By finish I mean we are not putting notes in our notebooks anymore, this is an area (like most all of them in reading) that we talk about all year!  We have moved in to Problem/Solution.  We are reading lots of great read aloud books in our room and discussing a multitude of problems and how they were solved in the text.  After that, we will briefly touch on sequencing.

Math -Study guides have been assigned for the next unit test. The study guide has been uploaded to my web page so that if students need another, they can get a copy of it from there. The test is on measurement and will be given Wednesday, November 6. The next unit will begin November 7 on decimal/fraction number sense. 

There have been several questions concerning the correction/retake policy. We have all downloaded the update to our web pages and I have gone over the procedures with each class. Corrections done at home (for up to a C) on assignments are still accepted. However, retakes will be an alternate assignment that has to be completed at school.  

Science - Our Matter Unit is just wrapping up with a unit test on Friday. Students have their completed study guides as well as their interactive notebooks to help them study. We have covered: atoms, molecules, compounds, elements, mixtures, solutions, states of matter, chemical and physical changes PHEWWWW! That's a lot! The kids have loved the labs that we have had weekly and they know quite a few songs to help them remember the information. We are looking forward to our Sound and Light Units coming up during the second quarter.  


Social Studies - We are continuing to learn about the Northeast. Students have been working on a "city poster" that is due on Thursday. They will be presenting their city on Thursday this week. Students have had the rubric since early last week. The rubric is on my website under "documents and files" for your convenience. We will be moving on to the Southeast as our next unit. If you have any questions about social studies, please contact Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu.


Writing - Students worked hard on their "Spooky Old House" writing. I have found this to be a favorite writing assignment from many of the students. Their writing will be in the hallway for your viewing pleasure during Conferences. Next, we will focus on informational writing. We will be answering the prompt "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a champion for justice, peace, and freedom for all people. What does freedom mean to you?" This is part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Contest that all fifth graders at Mountain View will be participating in. Every year we participate and so far... fingers crossed... we have had a "winner" every year. I'm excited to see how we fare this year as well. I will upload the Writing Contest information as an "fyi" only. This writing assignment will be worked on in class. If you have any questions about writing, please contact Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu.

Hello Parents! 10/8/19

Hopefully your child has talked to you about our wonderful new space! It is beautiful and it is fresh and clean... however, not without a few kinks that still need to be worked out (especially with technology). ?? We love the new space and hopefully they do too!

Later this week, we will be sending out another email with a SignUp Genius link for conferences. We will be offering conferences on Monday and Tuesday, November 4th and 5th. Please sign up for only one conference time per child. In addition, please pay close attention to the date and time for which you are signing up and please add the conference to your calendar. Thank you!!!

Curriculum Update

Math -  We are having our 2nd unit test this Friday on multiplication and division.  Study guides were handed out Monday and are due before the test Friday. I have put the study guide on my web page under "files and documents" if an extra copy is needed.  Our planning calendar shows that we will start our measurement unit next. Please continue to make Friday Folder corrections. If you have any questions regarding math, please contact Ms. Ruotolo at ruotolkf@pwcs.edu. Thank you.

Reading -  Whoa!  We LOVE our new space.  It makes reading so comfy and enjoyable!  We are finally finished learning all the routines and expectations.  We are almost finished our first book club book.  The have really seemed to enjoy reading all the Roald Dahl books we could find!  I love it when I see the lightbulbs come on and they really start to enjoy reading.  Next up, we are studying plot.  Rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, conflict, theme, setting.  We will practice this for a while with multiple books, videos, and stories.  This is easy to practice at home too.  Ask your child where he/she is in the story map with the books being read nightly.  You can also do it with TV shows.  Hallmark Movies are perfect for this.  They follow the story map perfectly, EVERY time!  ?? Also, almost every Roald Dahl book we read has a movie.  Have a movie-night this weekend and talk plot.  Sounds boring, but they secretly love it! If you have any questions regarding reading, please contact Mrs. Lint at   @pwcs.edu. Thank you.

Science - We have just wrapped up our Life Science Unit. While in that unit, we studied cell structure and function, types of cells, two classifications of animals and plants. We are now onto our Matter and Chemistry Unit. We will be studying phases of matter, atomic structure, solutions and molecules and compounds. Kids love this unit!  If you have any questions regarding science, please contact Mrs. Rhodes at   @pwcs.edu. Thank you.

Social Studies - We are beginning to explore the Northeast region of the United States as well as learning how to use an atlas.  If you have any questions regarding social studies, please contact Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu. Thank you.

Writing - My apologies for emailing a "blurry" copy of the "mono-" and "pre-" word lists. In the future, for your convenience, the word lists will be scanned and uploaded to my website under "files" & “documents.” I will not try to do an "attachment" due to the illegible images that transferred in the email. We will continue to add to our prefix, suffix, and root word base knowledge fairly regularly. In writing we are focusing on the importance of using descriptive language when writing. If you have any questions regarding writing, please contact Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu. Thank you.

Have a great day!

The Fifth Grade Team

General News: 9/13/19

Happy Full Moon and Friday the 13th!  Wow!  We can’t believe we are already into our third week of school!  The kids are awesome and are doing a fabulous job at learning our expectations and routines.  It is going to be a great year!

We have spent a majority of our time teaching expectations and routines.  We are giving the students time to fill out their agendas daily and we expect this to be done.  Please be checking your child’s agenda nightly.  This is a very important tool in fifth grade.  We also track X’s on the monthly calendar page at the beginning of each month in the agenda.  We expect that parents check this.  We are also writing the encore schedule in agendas.  With there being no pattern to the encore schedule this year, looking here for what your child has each day with be crucial to a positive encore experience. 

We are adding grades to our gradebooks, but we are still experiencing some county-wide glitches.  Please be patient with this.  As soon as it is up and running properly, we expect parents and children to check their gradebook weekly, at a minimum.  Fifth grade teachers assign due dates and stick to them. 

Here is the link to county lunch menu.  They went green this year, so no paper menus will be sent home:


Thank you so much to all who have already joined the PTO.  If you haven’t joined yet, please consider doing so.  The PTO is a crucial part of providing teacher & classroom support. 

You can sign up on-line at http://mvespto.ch2v.com/ 

Picture Day is a MONDAY this year!  Be prepared!  Monday, September 23. 

Curriculum Updates:

Science: We have been very busy with the "What is Science?" beginning of the year standards. We have discussed qualitative and quantitative observations, steps of the scientific method, and made predictions. We have had hands on labs involving Orbeez and dissolving substances in different liquids to record times. We will be working on dichotomous keys next week and continue our study of independent and dependent variables- a concept we will be reviewing all year because it sure is tricky!  For science Questions, please contact Mrs. Rhodes:  rhodeshe@pwcs.edu

Reading: In reading we have been very busy learning about routine assignments.  Very soon we will start book clubs.  Students choose their book and have an assignment to go with it WEEKLY.  I have been providing very detailed instruction on how to complete these assignments.  The examples have been glued into the Reading Notebook.  I expect the students to refer to these examples so that the work is completed correctly.  I spend so much time providing instruction on these because they are due every week all year long, and I want them to do well.  We have also taken two reading assessments already.  One (SRI) gives a reading lexile level and the other (Benchmark) is a pre-test on reading concepts.  I use both of these to guide instruction and reading groups.  For reading questions, please contact Mrs. Lint: lintnw@pwcs.edu

Writing:  We have been reading a wonderful story in class by Shel Silverstein called "Lafcadio."  While reading, we learned about "point of view" and then rewrote a scene from "Lafcadio" from a different point of view. Today we finished the book and determined that the ending was lacking in interest and excitement, which led to the next writing assignment. Students are writing a sequel to Lafcadio. Their creative writing and illustrations will be due on Tuesday, September 24th. In addition, we have been building "ideas" for personal narrative writing. For writing questions, please contact Mrs. Ross: rosssl@pwcs.edu

Social Studies:  Maps, absolute location, longitude, latitude, compass rose, cardinal directions, and intermediate directions are just a few of the terms we have been working with in social studies.  For social studies questions, please contact Mrs. Ross: rosssl@pwcs.edu

Math: We have been working to establish our math notebook and have already had our first math test. Study guides for each test are usually provided 4-5 days before the test. For those students that lose their copies, (study guides only) a copy can be found on my school web page. Our next unit is problem solving with multiplication and division. This is a BIG unit so extra effort to keep up with the basic facts is appreciated. For math questions, please contact Ms. Ruotolo: ruotolkf@pwcs.edu

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