General News:

Happy Full Moon and Friday the 13th!  Wow!  We can’t believe we are already into our third week of school!  The kids are awesome and are doing a fabulous job at learning our expectations and routines.  It is going to be a great year!

We have spent a majority of our time teaching expectations and routines.  We are giving the students time to fill out their agendas daily and we expect this to be done.  Please be checking your child’s agenda nightly.  This is a very important tool in fifth grade.  We also track X’s on the monthly calendar page at the beginning of each month in the agenda.  We expect that parents check this.  We are also writing the encore schedule in agendas.  With there being no pattern to the encore schedule this year, looking here for what your child has each day with be crucial to a positive encore experience. 

We are adding grades to our gradebooks, but we are still experiencing some county-wide glitches.  Please be patient with this.  As soon as it is up and running properly, we expect parents and children to check their gradebook weekly, at a minimum.  Fifth grade teachers assign due dates and stick to them. 

Here is the link to county lunch menu.  They went green this year, so no paper menus will be sent home:

Thank you so much to all who have already joined the PTO.  If you haven’t joined yet, please consider doing so.  The PTO is a crucial part of providing teacher & classroom support. 

You can sign up on-line at 

Picture Day is a MONDAY this year!  Be prepared!  Monday, September 23. 

Curriculum Updates:

Science: We have been very busy with the "What is Science?" beginning of the year standards. We have discussed qualitative and quantitative observations, steps of the scientific method, and made predictions. We have had hands on labs involving Orbeez and dissolving substances in different liquids to record times. We will be working on dichotomous keys next week and continue our study of independent and dependent variables- a concept we will be reviewing all year because it sure is tricky!  For science Questions, please contact Mrs. Rhodes:

Reading: In reading we have been very busy learning about routine assignments.  Very soon we will start book clubs.  Students choose their book and have an assignment to go with it WEEKLY.  I have been providing very detailed instruction on how to complete these assignments.  The examples have been glued into the Reading Notebook.  I expect the students to refer to these examples so that the work is completed correctly.  I spend so much time providing instruction on these because they are due every week all year long, and I want them to do well.  We have also taken two reading assessments already.  One (SRI) gives a reading lexile level and the other (Benchmark) is a pre-test on reading concepts.  I use both of these to guide instruction and reading groups.  For reading questions, please contact Mrs. Lint:

Writing:  We have been reading a wonderful story in class by Shel Silverstein called "Lafcadio."  While reading, we learned about "point of view" and then rewrote a scene from "Lafcadio" from a different point of view. Today we finished the book and determined that the ending was lacking in interest and excitement, which led to the next writing assignment. Students are writing a sequel to Lafcadio. Their creative writing and illustrations will be due on Tuesday, September 24th. In addition, we have been building "ideas" for personal narrative writing. For writing questions, please contact Mrs. Ross:

Social Studies:  Maps, absolute location, longitude, latitude, compass rose, cardinal directions, and intermediate directions are just a few of the terms we have been working with in social studies.  For social studies questions, please contact Mrs. Ross:

Math: We have been working to establish our math notebook and have already had our first math test. Study guides for each test are usually provided 4-5 days before the test. For those students that lose their copies, (study guides only) a copy can be found on my school web page. Our next unit is problem solving with multiplication and division. This is a BIG unit so extra effort to keep up with the basic facts is appreciated. For math questions, please contact Ms. Ruotolo: