We cannot believe it is the end of the first quarter. We have been discussing this with students to be sure that they have all of their work completed for the quarter!  Don't forget, no school Monday and Tuesday for students. If you have not signed up for a conference, please do so as soon as possible using the following link. We look forward to meeting with you then.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080c4da8a922a31-fifth


CANS!!! Operation Turkey has begun!!! We are giving 1 ticket per can!!!! Help out the Haymarket Food Pantry by bringing in any canned or boxed goods soon. The program runs from now until November 22nd.


Reading -In Reading we have just finished up with plot.  By finish I mean we are not putting notes in our notebooks anymore, this is an area (like most all of them in reading) that we talk about all year!  We have moved in to Problem/Solution.  We are reading lots of great read aloud books in our room and discussing a multitude of problems and how they were solved in the text.  After that, we will briefly touch on sequencing. 


Math -Study guides have been assigned for the next unit test. The study guide has been uploaded to my web page so that if students need another, they can get a copy of it from there. The test is on measurement and will be given Wednesday, November 6. The next unit will begin November 7 on decimal/fraction number sense. 

There have been several questions concerning the correction/retake policy. We have all downloaded the update to our web pages and I have gone over the procedures with each class. Corrections done at home (for up to a C) on assignments are still accepted. However, retakes will be an alternate assignment that has to be completed at school. 


Science - Our Matter Unit is just wrapping up with a unit test on Friday. Students have their completed study guides as well as their interactive notebooks to help them study. We have covered: atoms, molecules, compounds, elements, mixtures, solutions, states of matter, chemical and physical changes PHEWWWW! That's a lot! The kids have loved the labs that we have had weekly and they know quite a few songs to help them remember the information. We are looking forward to our Sound and Light Units coming up during the second quarter.  

Social Studies - We are continuing to learn about the Northeast. Students have been working on a "city poster" that is due on Thursday. They will be presenting their city on Thursday this week. Students have had the rubric since early last week. The rubric is on my website under "documents and files" for your convenience. We will be moving on to the Southeast as our next unit. If you have any questions about social studies, please contact Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu.


Writing - Students worked hard on their "Spooky Old House" writing. I have found this to be a favorite writing assignment from many of the students. Their writing will be in the hallway for your viewing pleasure during Conferences. Next, we will focus on informational writing. We will be answering the prompt "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a champion for justice, peace, and freedom for all people. What does freedom mean to you?" This is part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Contest that all fifth graders at Mountain View will be participating in. Every year we participate and so far... fingers crossed... we have had a "winner" every year. I'm excited to see how we fare this year as well. I will upload the Writing Contest information as an "fyi" only. This writing assignment will be worked on in class. If you have any questions about writing, please contact Mrs. Ross at rosssl@pwcs.edu.