School Song
Cougars of Mountain View   

We are the Cougars of Mountain View. 
To our motto we'll always be true. 
Together we grow from day to day, 
Whether we are at work or play. 

We sing our song, proud and true.   
We keep our heads up high. 
     For we are the Cougars of Mountain View 
Our goal is to reach for the sky.
  We are the Cougars, that's our name.  
  Showing respect is our claim to fame.  
    With our colors gray and blue,  
  We'll always remember Mountain View...

Mountain View Elementary was opened in
September 1995 and was named by the student body. 
The school serves as the replacement for Gainesville Elementary, home of the Gators. After closing it's doors
at Gainesville Elementary, the school became home to Pace West students, and is now owned by QBE.
The street address for the school (McLeod Way) was derived after Charles McLeod from the Planning Office.
Four new classrooms were added after the original construction of the school. During the 2019 - 2020 school year, the entire school was renovated. A new auxiliary gym and cafeteria section was added. Room 101 is now part of the main office and nurses station. Final renovations on the Library, Computer Lab, Broadcast/Book Room, AV Room, MakerSpace (formerly the Story Room and various classrooms over the years) and Resource 5 (new Room 222), were completed during the summer of 2020.
Fall 2020 - Due to the pandemic, school started virtually.  When students started returning to the building, they were welcomed with a completely renovated building! 

Mascot - Cougars
Colors - Blue and Gray

new logo

MVES Logo 2019 - present

MVES Logo 1995 - 2019