Happy Birthday

Information to be updated for the 2021 - 2022 school year.

Dear MVES Families,

MVES will continue our school-wide focus on wellness. In 2012, the MVES Leadership Team, Parent Advisory Council, and parent focus groups developed guidelines to reduce the frequency that students are introduced to sugary foods at school and additionally reduce the frequency that students with food allergies were exposed to allergens while at school. We continue to appreciate and support your wish to celebrate your child’s birthday and other important days by bringing food treats to school. Please be aware of the following guidelines that remain in effect for the 2019-20 school year. 

All individual student celebrations that involve sharing food with the entire class will take place beginning on September 5th and every other Thursday for the continuation of the school year. The celebration luncheons will be held in cafeteria during scheduled lunch times. Celebrations that involve food should make a positive contribution to children’s diets and health. In accordance with PWCS Regulation 725-1, at least one half of the foods offered at celebrations shall be fruits, vegetables, grains, meat/meat alternates, or dairy products. Please check with your child’s classroom teacher before sending in a treat to coordinate snacks. There are several great websites that have recipes and ideas for fun and creative healthy snacks. At no time should students with food allergies (students with blue placemats in the cafeteria) be given any food item! 

Yes! You can bring in a special food treat for your child on their actual birthday if you would like. 

In an effort to be sensitive to our students with food allergies, we ask that you be creative if you would like to send in something to share with the entire class on the actual day of your child’s birthday. A non-food item such as a pencil, stickers, or donation of a book for the class library are all awesome ways to celebrate! Your child’s class can even receive an extra 5 minutes of recess in honor of your child’s birthday in lieu of purchased or baked goods. Please let your child’s teacher know if extra recess is how you choose to celebrate! 

Food related Birthday/other treats for the entire class can be sent to school on the following dates:

2021 - 2022 (to be posted in August)

These are the dates our School Nurse is in the building. Please do not bring in treats for the whole class on any other dates. Thank you for your help in supporting our wellness initiative!

Adriane Harrison
Principal Mountain View Elementary