We have an established traffic lane called “Kiss & Ride” designated as a safe place for adults in private vehicles to load and unload children. This route is separate from the school bus loop, which helps us to avoid problems associated with cars intermingling with buses. It also establishes a pedestrian traffic pattern to protect our students.
If all drivers cooperate, the adult supervisors will be able to provide an efficient and protected transfer of children. The following Kiss & Ride information helps us work together to keep all Mountain View children, parents, and staff safe during arrival and dismissal from school.

Each family who wishes to drive their child/children to or from school will register and receive two numbered tags. If you need more than two or lose your tags, there will be a $5.00 fee for replacements or extras. You will keep these for as long as your stay at Mountain View.

You will need to complete a registration form and show your ID to receive a tag with a designated number. This should be placed on the mirror in the front windshield of your car visible to the staff during each pickup. Your child/children should commit the number to memory to hasten pickup at the end of the day. Students will wait in the gymnasium to be called when their vehicle is one of the first five in line.

AM Kiss and Ride

  • Begin unloading your children at 8:55 am. Let students out of your vehicle as soon as you stop and do not wait to drive up to the main sidewalk.
  • Please use the Kiss and Ride lanes and observe safety rules to keep the flow of traffic moving.
  • Please do not block the entrance and exit of the bus loop so they can enter and exit in a timely manner. Busses have right of way.
  • Please enter into an Agreement for Safety showing you have read and agree to follow the Kiss & Ride rules. Contract is posted under procedures.
  • Pull forward as far as possible into the designated Kiss & Ride lane before loading or unloading.
  • Load and unload in the Kiss & Ride area only.
  • Load and unload from the right side of the vehicle only.
  • Keep “good-byes” brief.
  • Remain in the driver’s seat.
  • Do not park in the Kiss & Ride lane and leave car unattended.
  • Do not park in the parking lot or at the side of the street and call to children.
  • Exit the Kiss & Ride promptly after loading or unloading children.
  • Please park in the lot if you plan to monitor your child’s entrance into the school building. This helps prevent a long line of traffic from forming.
  • The tardy bell rings at 9:15 and the children should be in their rooms before it rings. Encourage them to walk swiftly into the school and go straight to their classroom.

Students arriving after the bell should be accompanied to the office by an adult. A sign at the end of the sidewalk will indicate that the bell has rung.

PM Kiss and Ride Dismissal

  • Please encourage your children to walk down the sidewalk to enter vehicles as soon as possible. Children will enter cars several at a time. These cars may pass on the left and depart so the next car can pull up. Please pay attention to the directions of the school staff who are directing each day.
  • Children will only be permitted to enter a car on the right side from the sidewalk.

Children will only be dismissed through the Kiss and Ride line or Parent Pick up in the gymnasium. Parents shall not stand across the parking lot and have a child walk to them. When waiting in the Kiss and Ride line, please ensure you are not blocking the entrance or the exit to the bus circle.