School Health - Clinic News
Guidelines used for assessing sick children

Listed below are some of the guidelines used for assessing sick children. It is my goal to keep the school environment as healthy as possible. A child will be sent home if he or she has:

1. A temperature of 100 degrees or higher
2. A rash/skin eruption of unknown origin
3. Active vomiting or diarrhea
4. Suspected contagious illness
5. A serious injury
6. Appears obviously ill

Please be assured that students are encouraged to stay in class and parents typically are not notified of minor illness or injury.

Guidelines to avoid exposing others

Guidelines for parents to follow to avoid exposing other children to possibly contagious illness and to help prevent excessive clinic visits in school are:

1. Children with temperatures above 100 degrees must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

2. Injuries that happen at home or over the weekend should be taken care of prior to returning to school.

3. If called by the school, please pick up your child in a reasonable amount of time. Space to keep sick children is very limited.

4. Encourage your child to eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch as this prevents many stomach aches, headaches, poor concentration and fatigue.

5. Encourage your child to get adequate rest.

6. Teach your child to wash their hands frequently. Especially before and after meals and after using the bathroom.

Last Updated: 1/12/09