Blue Mat Policy

Our blue placemat policy in the cafeteria was created at Mt. View a few years ago in order to ensure safety and awareness for all of our students with food allergies. It is not specifically for students with peanut allergies. If we have a health treatment plan on file for a student whose allergies require the use of an epi-pen or other medication, the student is seated at the end of the table with a blue placemat. This allows our cafeteria hostesses to keep a closer eye on them.

The students with placemats are not isolated from classmates; they are at the same table but they are separated from children who may have peanut butter or other foods that may cause an allergic reaction.

Please do not give any treats, even if they are labeled peanut/tree nut free to the students with placemats. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the school nurse.